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Janitorial Cleaning

We have a limited quantity of janitorial cleaning supplies available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Washing And Janitorial Equipment at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Like every business, a restaurant is required to keep their place of business up to code and part of keeping it up to code is proper cleaning. Keeping your restaurant clean makes it more pleasant for customers and employees and prevents shut downs from health inspections. Restaurants have a strict responsibility to keep their establishments clean and it starts with using the correct janitorial cleaning supplies. Customers will be less likely to eat in a dirty environment and health regulations require cleanliness.

Public Kitchen Supply can supply your restaurant or business with all the janitorial cleaning supplies you need. We have cleaning chemicals, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, brooms, dustpans, faucets, floor mats, paper towels, trashcan liners, waste receptacles, hand dryers, and more! Public Kitchen Supply stocks the best manufacturers who produce quality janitorial cleaning supplies like Rubbermaid, Carlisle, San Jamar and many others. Rubbermaid and Carlisle have both earned an excellent reputation in the food industry for their quality and standards. At Public Kitchen Supply we recognize that restaurant cleanliness isn't just about appearance, it’s about health.

At Public Kitchen Supply, we believe the food industry has a public duty to prevent food borne illness and prevent the spread of disease. Our Janitorial Category will supply all the tools you need for a healthy kitchen. Keep your restaurant inspection-ready with janitorial equipment from Public Kitchen Supply. In our janitorial category, we carry cleaning supplies that works well for most businesses. Consider buying janitorial cleaning supplies from Public Kitchen Supply for your office, institution or business.

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