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Bus Box Cover

The bus box cover category is a great choice for anyone who owns a bus box. Bus box covers help secure dishes and other objects you have in bus boxes during transport. In Public Kitchen Supply's bus box cover category you will come across manufacturers like Carlisle. Carlisle makes their bus box covers out of materials like polypropylene. Polypropylene is easy to clean and take care of. It is a high-impact plastic it allowing to withstand heavy duty use. Many of its bus box covers are BPA Free and NSF Listed.

The best and most efficient bus box covers are dishwasher safe, with the amount of dirty dishes that get tossed in the bus box, being able to toss the cover in the dishwasher ensures its clean next use. The 15" x 20" bus box cover is an especially great purchase because it universally fits any Carlisle bus box. This bus box cover features reinforces rims that prevents it from warping or breaking. Public Kitchen Supply's bus box cover is a great place to shop if you're purchasing or already own a bus box.
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