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FIFO & Portion Pal Bottles

We have a limited quantity of FIFO and Portion Pal bottles available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Bottles at JES Restaurant Equipment.

 Cleaning Instructions for FIFO Bottles
Tips for cleaning Your FIFO Bottles:
  • Pre-rinse the FIFO bottle & caps using hot water to
    remove sauce particles.
  • Wash, rinse, sanitize.
  • Air dry as usual.
If sauce particles remain after washing, here's a helpful tip:
  • Fill the FIFO bottle half way with hot, soapy water & connect both caps.
  • Shake the FIFO bottle vigorously to dislodge remaining sauce particles.
  • Use a cloth to wash the FIFO bottle & caps.
  • Rinse, sanitize and air dry as usual.
Do not use a brush or force other items through the valve when cleaning - using a device or abrasive action can dislodge the valve, requiring replacement of the entire cap.
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