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Food Storage Transport

We have a limited quantity of food storage and transport products available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Food Storageand Food Carriers at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Transporting food or large items has never been easier than with Public Kitchen Supply's storage and transport category. We have plenty of Cambro food storage containers in round and square sizes as well as circular. The food storage and transport category contains sub-categories including food storage and food transport. The food transport category carries products like San Jamar's 12" Good Carrier, perfect for catering companies.

Public Kitchen Supply's food storage and transport category provides your catering and food storage essentials. Proper food storage and food transport is necessary in kitchens. Food storage makes space for additional products while food transports moves food safely from one area to another. You'll find utility carts for your large items. Use our flatbed and platform carts, or rolling carts in your restaurant or commercial business. Utility carts are great for a variety of tasks. They can be used in offices to transport supplies. Purchase a utility cart for your catering company, they are excellent for setting up tables.

Public Kitchen Supply works with manufacturers like San Jamar, Rubbermaid and more. We are confident that we can find products that fulfill your business's needs. Its important to have tools that can help you with food transport and storage. Acquiring the proper tools will help your business stay organized. Our food storage and food transport categories supply products that work well in commercial and residential settings. 


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