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Warewashing is an important category of kitchen supplies in any commercial kitchen. Warewashing includes products like bus boxes, bus box covers, and dish washing apparel.

Warewashing boxes are important because it helps bussers clean tables quickly, allowing them to pile dirty plates and glasses into one bin and carry it all away in one trip. It also provides aprons, gloves, and towels to employees. Employees need to wear the proper warewashing attire when cleaning dishes. It will help keep them dry and professional. Be sure your employees have gloves when washing dishes. The chemicals used to clean in commercial kitchens are often very harsh, making hand protection a must. Warewashing hand protection is also great at preventing the spread of disease. Employees will appreciate quality warewashing attire as it keeps them clean and safe while doing their job.

In our warewashing category you can find manufacturers like Cambro, Carlisle, and more. Bus boxes are perfect for cleaning and managing kitchen utensils and dishes in commercial kitchens. Bus boxes make room for new customers. Fill bus boxes with plates, glasses, napkins, and other dishes when clearing tables. We supply universal bus box covers for your bus boxes. The warewashing category is a great place to shop before store openings or when you need replacement bus boxes.
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