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Thermometers & Food Labels

We have a limited quantity of thermometers and food labels available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Thermometers and Food Labels at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Food safety should be at the heart of every kitchen, residential or commercial. In the restaurant world, foodborne illnesses can be catastrophic. If a restaurant is known for poorly handling food they will likely go out of business. Foodborne illnesses cause turmoil for your business, customers and staff. Not only are foodborne illnesses detrimental to your business, they're a public health concern.

Public Kitchen Supply's food safety category provides you with the food safety equipment you need for a safe, healthy kitchen. Public Kitchen Supply's food safety category has sub-categories which includes food labeling and rotation and temp logging and tracking. These two categories supply labels, thermometers, timers and thermocouples to keep food safe and at the correct temperature. We supply use-by labels, day of the week labels, freezer and steam pan labels, pan pens, prep-pal labels, and sauce bottle labels. We provide industry leading thermometers and digital timers for your kitchen.

The food safety category works with businesses like Ecolab. You can find many other businesses too. Foodborne illness is an avoidable public health problem. To promote a happy, healthy kitchen use food safety equipment and know how disease spreads. We have many food safety products that work well in residential and commercial kitchens. Explore our food safety products in the food safety category. At Public Kitchen Supply we make it our duty to supply the best food safety products on the market. Keep your kitchen safe with Public Kitchen Supply's food safety category.

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