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Prep Tables and Stands

Where would a chef be without high-quality prep tables and stands in their commercial kitchen. Prep tables have a versatile nature to them to begin with. They allow chefs to quickly prepare dishes like salads, sandwiches, pizzas and other entrees with the most efficiency possible. Mostly high-grade stainless steel bodies, these prep tables and stands infuse quality into the kitchen. They're meant to handle the daily tasks that are expected of them in pizza shops or sandwich shops. They are easy to transition between the two as well if you serve one entrée in the morning that requires a prep table and a different in the evening. Most prep tables include a chilled top section that is perfect for placing food pans for all the condiments and toppings your customers love. You'll find a cutting board along the front and refrigerated sections underneath. Easy to open handles expose the refrigerated shelf area where you can keep spare ingredients. When you shop with Public Kitchen Supply, we supply only the best to our customers. Browse our selection of prep tables and stands for brands like True manufacturing or Turbo Air, you'll even discover a few Saturn units. All of our tables can do the job and do it well. It just depends on how much space you need along your prep line. Whether it be a MegaTop, a simple sandwich unit or a salad unit, Public Kitchen Supply has you covered in both the prep tables and stands category.

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