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Door Chimes

Door chimes are a great restaurant tool, they immediately alerts employees when someone has entered your shop. Door chimes inform employees when they have a customer. Door chimes are also a security tool. If your shop is closed the door chime will still go off, informing you of an intruder.

Public Kitchen Supply's door chimes category provides several different door chimes along with crowd control poles, tooth pick dispensers and brochure holders. We work with companies like Aarco and Heath Zenith to supply the door chimes Category. Purchase products like Heath Zeniths Wireless Entry Alert Chime in the door chimes category. The Wireless Entry Alert Chime has 128 selectable security codes. It chimes a soon as door open for an immediate alert. Users can choose between an 8-note Westminster or 2-not melody selection. Additionally, the Wireless Entry Alert Chimes volume can be controlled up to a 100 range.

Use other products in the door chimes category, like Update International's Tooth Pick Dispenser for at home and restaurant use. Tooth Picks are a great way to end a meal and act as a nice accessory to hostess stands. Purchase Update International's Tooth Pick Dispenser for your kitchen table at home. The door chimes category includes products like Staple's Brochure Holder. Brochure Holders are a great way to pass out pamphlets at universities, doctor's offices and hotels. Public Kitchen Supply's Door chimes category provides excellent tools for satisfying guests and alerting employees. Shop the door chimes category before store openings. You will find products in this category that works well outside the food industry.
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