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High Chairs

Providing high chairs and booster seats to customers is a good way of establishing yourself as a family restaurant. Family restaurants face added pressure and responsibility but benefit from larger crowds and a family atmospheres. Child safety must be a priority in family restaurants. Safety is always a priority for parents, they want to feel safe using your booster seats and high chairs. Prevent accidents by purchasing secure, sturdy high chairs from Public Kitchen Supply.

Public Kitchen Supply's high chair category provides many different options. Choose between trusted manufacturers like Rubbermaid , Houstons and Carlisle . The high chair category supply's sturdy high chairs like Rubbermaid's Sturdy Chair Youth Chair with Wheels. This high chair has a modern design and is great for restaurant. It is made out of plastic allowing it to wash easy, an important characteristic when it comes to high chairs.

Public Kitchen Supply appreciates the importance of strong, reliable high chairs that are stylish. We offer high chairs and booster seats that will match virtually any decor. Choose between plastic platinum high chairs, like the Sturdy Chair Youth Chair with Wheels and classic wooden high chairs. Update International and Houstons' both offer wooden high chairs. Update International's Walnut High chair is darker in color, it comes unassembled. Houstons' Mahogany High Chair is lighter in color, it comes assembled.

The high chair category includes booster seats like Cambro's Double Height Booster Seat without Strap. Booster Seats are great for older children who aren't quite tall enough to reach the table. High chairs and booster seats are a great purchase for any family friendly restaurant. When you shop our high chairs category you will find dependable, safe seating for children.
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