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Krowne Royal Series

The Krowne Royal Series provides high performance, heavy duty sink faucets and handles. All of the products in this category come from Krowne Royal. Krowne Royal is known for its quality designs and product warranties. In this section all of the products have replacement parts available, making them easy to repair, if they do become unusable.

The Krowne Royal Series includes a one year warranty on all of their products. This is significant because it ensures quality performance and a company that stands behind their products. Find faucets like the 12" Deck Mount Faucet. The Deck Mount Faucet is a complete replacement kit from Krowne for 12" deck mount faucets. It features a double O-ring construction and welded shoulder for strength and longevity.

If you're looking just for faucet handles choose Krowne's cold replacement handle or hot replacement handle, both color coded accordingly. At Public Kitchen Supply we understand the importance of quality products. We work hard to provide our customers with the very best. We dedicated an entire sub-category to the Krowne Royal Series because we appreciate their quality, superior products.

The Krowne Royals Series offers faucets and handles that work well for most commercial kitchens and restrooms. Choose the Krowne Royal Series for your restaurant kitchen, industrial warehouse, hospital or institution. The Krowne Royal Series includes a mounting kit, making it easy to install your Krowne Royal Series products. The Krowne Royal Series is a smart choice for businesses looking for long lasting, resilient faucets and handles.

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