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Writing Utensils

In our writing utensils category you will find a variety of pens, pencils and markers. At Public Kitchen Supply we know that restaurant kitchens need a handful of pens and pencils for taking orders. Purchase pencils for your waitresses and waiters.  Our selection of pencils come in twelve packs. If you want servers to use pens, choose Black Fine Pint Ballpoint Pens. These pens also come in a pack of 12. Ballpoint Pens allow for smooth, flowing writing with premium quality ink to fill their ballpoint pens. Anti-push back pens make writing easy, they will stay in place. Purchase these pens for dependable, reliable writing.

Highlighters are another great writing utensil for offices. Highlighters allow you to clearly indicate the most important information in a document. Hi-Liters are an excellent tool for offices, schools and universities.  The assorted Hi-Liter Marker Set comes as a box of twelve in four colors: pink, yellow, orange, green and blue. The assorted Hi-Liter box is a great purchase for students and professionals.  Hi-Liters provide colorful, read-through colors with a sharp, molded tip perfect for underlining and highlighting words without smudging or bleeding. 

In the writing utensils category you can even find name brand permanent markers like Sharpie. We recommend Sharpie's Black Twin-Tip Permanent Marker. Permanent Markers are great for food prep, clearly write labels. At Public Kitchen Supply we encourage you to shop the writing utensils category.

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